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I've been with Books In Motion since June of 2006. I've created hundreds of cover art for audiobooks. I also have other artists create cover art. I'd say
about 90% is mine since 2006 and so showing you countless images would be incredible. Click the link to the
Books In Motion website to see the work
and maybe if fascinated, purchase an audiobook
. I will make a point to put up the latest here on this page. Enjoy.
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Endworld: Dakota Run
Murder By Sacrilege
Dakota Run: The 5th audiobook in the Endworld Series. Using
a series of images and wild enhancements, the apocalyptic
adventure makes great covers! There's 28 books in the series
and we've done about
six so far at work, so keep an eye out
for more wild covers from this series. Click the cover image
above to purchase the audiobook.
Murder By Sacriliege: The fifth audiobook in the John Lloyd
Branson series. B
eautiful images create a
dynamic/intriguing cover that keeps the audience riveted to
the story.
Trail of the Fast Gun
Reaching Colorado
Trail of the Fast Gun - The main image is from James Hatzell
from Rapid City, S.D. My job was to enhance this image a bit
more for printing purposes, then add the text to bring the
cover to life. Books In Motion has been very blessed to have
James Hatzell's artwork/photography used on so many of the
Western titles in their inventory.
Reaching Colorado - audiobook 2 in the Tenderfoot
Trilogy. Thank you, James Hatzell for your fantastic
photography. I then added a few more clouds and of
course the text.
Tarzan the Terrible
Dark Edge
Tarzan The Terrible - it is always an honor to update a classic
novel from such an legendary author.
Dark Edge - a huge hit in the audiobook world, this series
is amazing. The time involved in this series of covers has
been quite a task. Each in the series starts with using these
original covers, but I do not have the artwork in layers, so
in order to replicate the original covers, I first must extract
the text, then adjust the images to fit our formats. VERY
intricate editing goes into keeping the covers consistent to
the book artwork.
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