After 30 years in school, I find myself now in a new world. A new world in which I hope will bring me the
peace of mind and satisfaction that I have always wanted to achieve. I wish to create a variety of
projects on the highest levels of execution and satisfaction to you, the client.

I was born in Fortuna, California, a small coastal town in Northern California. We actually lived miles
away in the hills, in a logging community called Mad River, California. I lived there the first two years of
life, then moved to Penn Valley, California (located about an hour and a half northeast of Sacramento). I
spent my childhood riding bikes andgetting dirty like any other boy who lives in the country. During the
summer just before my eighth grade school year, I moved to Redding, California. An extremely warm
location during the summer, I spent my adolescence learning what girls, art and music was all about.
Endless summer nights cruising the streets with friends was about the extent to the activities
Redding offered youths during my years. There was always a good party somewhere and danger
around, but I was pretty fortunate to avoid those situations.

After graduating from Enterprise High School in 1992, I attended the local junior college in Redding.
While in college during those early years, I worked for the local newspaper. My job was to deliver the
bundles of newspapers to the carriers along with working on customer complaints, questions, etc. It
was a great experience and I met some wonderful people during those years.

In the summer of 2000, I moved to Sacramento, California to attend Sacramento State University. I
majored inGraphic Design. I struggled through my first two semesters, truly learning how to study and
balance all that I was experiencing at that time. It felt like my first opportunity to be free and
responsible on my own terms. I learned so much so quickly on so many levels; academics,
responsibility, priority and failure. I had been in school so many years prior to attending Sac State, I
just wanted to get through as fast as possible. I took at least 3 to 5 classes a semester; there was no
time (or opportunities) for internships or work while going to school. Health issues were always part
of my schooling, so I went to school when I could and finished as fast as I was allowed. After so many
years, I finally graduated from college in the fall of 2004. It was a short lived moment of glory and
achievement because health remained the obstacle that has kept me from moving on in life.

Not long after beginning college in 1992, my health began to deteriorate into something that has
changed me in so many ways. Yet, it has not stopped my determination to overcome and become a
productive citizen. Life is never dull and I must adjust my goals as to the situations that come about. I
pray for the opportunity to work for someone someday or find my niche in working on my own. One way
or the other, I will succeed.

After graduation from Sacramento State in 2004, I found myself so excited, looking then to fulfill the
dream of becoming an outstanding Graphic Designer. I began to search for work but health again
forced me to make a decision I knew would set me back for many years to come. Of course, the priority
was to get well but I had nowhere to live at a certain point. My parents moved to Spokane, Washington
to retire and I was left with little choice but to move north. Surgery after surgery, setback after
setback, I finally started to physically heal well enough in early 2006.

By April/May of 2006, I was strong enough to finally seek employment. I eventually found employment
at an audiobook company called Books In Motion on June 1, 2006.
Books In Motion has been
marketing, publishing and recording audiobooks since 1980 and I was so grateful to become part of
their team. I started at two days a week but within a year, I was working five days a week. It's been
quite an adventure and I've learned so much what it takes to excel in business. I will forever be eternally
grateful for the chance Books In Motion placed in me.

I've been adding to the resume lately by having some freelance opportunities in creating cover art for
printed books, graphics, logos, emblems, some Wordpress blogging updates and more. View my
CLIENTS page for updates to the latest designs created.
Photograph of Todd Aune
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